Shadow Shinobi Society 

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Weapons used in the Society are modern representation of traditional and ancient ninja weapons. These tools are commonly used for Infiltration, Espionage, Self Defense, and Assassination. Practical equipment for concealment such as ropes and grappling hooks, are practiced using Ninjutsu as a basis for training and learning the Arts. The purpose of training is to Ultimately Become a Shinobi, and be well versed in all aspects of Ninjutsu over many years of dedication and hard work.

Swords & Knives

Kenjutsu- Swords

Shinobigatana- an edged weapon used by ninja as swords. They can be stolen katana from samurai or forged by ninja themselves with varying lengths. 
Battojutsu- is a field of kenjutsu which deals specifically with the rapid drawing and sheathing of the blade.

Tactical Katana Machete

Katana - a long curved and single-edged sword, more commonly used by samurai or ninja who disguised themselves as samurai.

Ninja Machette

Recommended Ninja Weapon for Survival

Ninjato Ronin

Main weapon utilized within the society for covert ops.

Tantojutsu- Knives

Kunai- modern variation of ancient ninja tool origanlaly used for farming. (multi-purpose tool)
  • Digging
  • Tieing to rope
  • Attaching to spear
  • Throwing
  • Easly concealed

Karabit Ninja Knife

Recommended Ninja CQC Weapon for Self Defense.

Master Knife

Kaiken (dagger) - Modern style used similar to Tanto for throwing and hunting.

Dive Knife

Tanto - Ninja survival Fixed blade with kydex sheath.

Staffs & Pole Arms

Naginata-Use a modern spear compared to the traditional ones of ancient times.

  • Security Defence

Ono-Modern Version of Japanese axe and hatchet. Perfect Survival and weapon combo with impact, hacking, and a projectile as well. 

Bojustu- The most common weapon of all time is a Stick, traditionally 6ft. Collapses on both ends of handle, used for martial arts, security, and bounty hunting.

Yari- Modern version of traditional Japanese pole-arm spear used by women and samurai.

  • Hunter Tool
  • Survival

Kama-Modern Version of Japanese Sickle. Extremely deadly, can catch opponents weapons and pierce with great swiftness and accuracy. 

Hanbo- Short staff, half size of a Bo Staff. Batons are common practice in the bounty hunter side of the hunting club along with self defense. 

Projectile Weapons

various small hand held weapons including throwing stars, darts and blades that could be used to stab, slash or thrown at the enemy.


Yumi is Japanese term used for bow. The art of wielding a bow is a vital skill in the society, and the use of modern technology is important aspect of knowledge that must be trained. Archery itself can be a form of meditation and an art form. 

  • Slingbow- Tactical concealment aplications.

Fist Loaded Weapons

Tekko - an earlier version of brass knuckles. Combo-ed with a blade for added devastation.

Push Daggers- Recommended CQC Concealed weapons for self defense.

Tekagi-shuko / Neko-te - hand "claw" weapons.
  • Climbing
  • Grappling
  • Traping

Shobo - a jabbing or piercing weapon, similar in shape to kubotan and yawara, but often featuring a center grip ring.

Flexible Weapons

Kaginawa- or grappling hook , climbing and Hojojutsu composite tool that also functioned as a makeshift gaff hook weapon. Climbing, reaching or attacking items & weapons, escaping, capturing.  

Kusari fundo-,also known as manriki or manriki-gusari - a chain and weight weapon.

  • Conceal
  • Grapple
  • Strike

Nunchaku- Collasable small battons connected with a chain. Easier to conceal than other impact weapons, but just as deadly if trained to use them. 

Tetsubishi - the Japanese type of caltrop.

  • Escape
  • Traps
  • Tires
  • Food

Ninja Uniform

Shinobi Elite, Ranger Vest-

Issued to Members reaching the rank of Jonin. 

Shinobi Shozoku- Tiger Claw Uniform. Basic ninja clothing for all Genin. (Not required for training)