Shadow Shinobi Society 

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Mission Statement

The Shadow Shinobi Society (Kage no Shinobu Shakai) is an Elite Organization of Mercenaries dedicated in learning the arts of Ninjutsu, and Stealth Tactics.

About Us

The Shadow Shinobi Society is a American organization located in the northwestern region of the United States. Founded by a group of Military Veterans with backgrounds in various martial arts in 2006. Ninjutsu became the main focus of study along with survival training. The society provides qualifications in ninjutsu and firearms. Private Security services (Shinobi Security), along with survival and Bounty Hunter training for members. 
NInjutsu is ultimately survival training for the ability to adapt in any environment, physically and mentally. We Utilize military survival skills along with teaching the stealth techniques of ninjutsu.

Covert Protection offers the client the ultimate in flexibility and freedom, while a cover of advance protective surveillance, and detection operators provide clients with the right level of security for any situation. 
Close Quarter Combat using Stealth is a core skill in the Society. Our Elite Team of Specialist, the Shinobi Forces (Shinobu-gun). Is the combined members of all ranks within the organization. Air-soft training with bladed weapons such as Ninja-to and Kunais. In addition with how to use Shurikens, Smoke Bombs, and Caltrops helps provide a safer/realistic environment for real time missions.


Receive a member certificate and patch within the society. Allows free entry into Everything the society has to offer!

Create an Online 
Account with Full access to locked pages such as the SSS Page with (Free secret ninja books, guides, and videos). Participate in missions and chat with other members. * Member Form * Membership Rules

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